Dad Mindset

  1. Love Without Expectation
  2. Love Unconditionally - Are they happy? Are they struggling? Being disrespectful? Being Kind? Underachieving? Thriving? Guess what? Time to love them even more.
  3. Listen to hear and to understand - Sure, we want to teach them all we know. Rush to give advice, BUT the best thing we can do is listen. It does not matter what age they are.
  4. Lead by example
  5. Never put limits on what you’re capable as a father. Be ever evolving
  6. Be present. Be There
  7. Be open to learning from your child. Ask them questions. Know when to let them fail. Watch them figure things out their way.
  8. Share the world with them. Travel anywhere and everywhere. From the grocery store to another country.
  9. Be Yourself. Be Human. Be Vulnerable. Admit when you're wrong. It’s more than okay to let your child see you fail or show emotion. They need to know you are not perfect. They need to know you are human.
  10. Be Consistent

Bonus - Hug them often and hug them just because!

I have been a father for 15 years now. It's been the greatest journey of my life. I wanted to share some of what I am always working on as dad. Things I have found success in. Being a parent isn't easy. It comes with a lot of lessons, oceans of tears and sacrifice. Just because we are their dad, doesn't mean they will think the same, or will have our same love languages. It does not mean they will always like us either. Be gentle on yourself and try to find joy in the process. Do your best to not take things they do personally, and love them unconditionally. Most often it comes from an emotion, feeling or struggle that they have yet to identify or understand. It could be something as simple as being hungry, tired, or as complicated as depression, anxiety and fear. To be steady guides for them, it’s on us to master who we are as individuals. We will never have it all figured out, and that's okay. We can still grow, improve and love them more. I think by practicing the above listed mindset, we can create healthy independence and a safe environment for our children. The non judgmental love and consistent presence will help them feel safe allowing communication between you and your child to flourish. We've got this!

I am always open to chatting and learning more about parenting. I do not have it figured out. Email me anytime. Thank you

Brian Powers - Photographer & Storyteller