Been awhile since I approached a stranger for a portrait. By the end of our talk, he felt more like a friend. 

This is Robert. He has a calmness about him that makes you feel relaxed. His eyes are kind and blue and his hands are strong. He was heading to Vegas to treat himself for his upcoming birthday. He is charming in the way he smiles and chuckles while telling his stories. 

He talked about the simpler times of growing up on a farm and going to movies for 15 cents with 5 cent popcorn. He thinks people were happier then, but mentioned his parents probably thought the same when they were his age. He doesn’t own a cellphone and his laptop frustrates him. Anytime he has troubles he gets his granddaughters who are in their twenties to help. 

He told me to never stop trying to travel. Do it as much as I can and to make sure I get down to Africa where his most treasured trips have been. He told me that he will be 86 and you just never know how many chances you get to travel, so take advantage of it when you can.  

Brian Powers - Photographer & Storyteller