When your eyelashes freeze and your heart heats up

I can feel every tiny blood vessel in my eyes turn into cement. My lashes become stiff as they begin freeze. Glacial air creeps its way through my thick jacket as it touches my skin. The water around me looks dark and black. It is almost haunting and lonely until you see the contrast of sparkling vibrant blue. Something so rare that can only remind me of my daughters eyes after tears. They pierce through the haunted waters like a lost love looking into your soul. I am left feeling vulnerable and hypnotized. Slowly and carefully we navigate the ancient icebergs as we approach the wild and untamed Glaciers of Alaska

My eyes follow the puzzle up to the massive, powerful and jagged walls of an Alaskan Glacier. Ice old as 30,000 years. A glimpse at what it might feel like to travel back in time. The cold air has began to chill my body as it finds its way to my core. It has only been a few minutes. There are no sounds of birds, traffic or even wind. Life slows down allowing complete silence. Even that voice in your head is admiring your surroundings. I look around and feel isolated by the mountains that cradle these icy time capsules. A massive fortress of unexplored beauty.

I am not getting any cooler. In fact, I can feel my heart start to warm my blood. I look to my right, I see the the colors of the glaciers mirror my daughters eyes. I managed to share the magic of this world with the love of my life, again. To share these dreams with my daughter, reminds me of my purpose of being her dad. That in this moment, it is enough.

On our boat ride back to town, we saw something in the distance that we couldn't quite make out. The light was fading, and the mountains were starting their alpine glow looking like cotton candy. We saw it again. What was that? We see something dark rolling through the waters. The massive 10 foot tail of a great humpback whale effortlessly lifts out of the sea and gracefully disappears into the Alaskan waters. Our captain, Pauly looked over at me with a smile. I was not taking a photo like you might think a professional photographer would be doing in this situation. No, my jaw was dropped. I was completely entranced. This is what I live for. The unscripted and unpredictable possibilities our world has to offer. The experiences that make you forget any pain or worry you ever felt. Even if just for a second.

I am beyond grateful.

Thanks Alaska


Photographer & Videographer Brian Powers

Thanks Alaska

Storyteller Brian Powers